Shatter Boys UK

Screenshot-2018-4-25 Twitter NotificationsScreenshot-2018-4-25 (13) Shatter Boys - HomeShatter Boys UK @Shatter_Boys_UK NEW Release via  Click like & share to give these great guys a boost ……

They were disgustingly attacked by Scots David & the WildCat …. so was I with vile abusive, mocking us just like paedos enjoy.,  so many sadistic trolls amongst pedogators and Satanic Panic Mongers.

Shatterproof by The Outlaw


See video below, part of a playlist, very informative for any who think that Bill Maloney, Brian Gerrish, David Icke, Belinda McKenzie & others who peddled the Hollie and/or the Hampstead hoax, always causing as much damage & making as much money as possible…. no help has filtered down, for any of us, and I am so happy that some really good, strong people are combining forces now.

BTW, didn’t Wesley Hall promise to teach tech skills to people at the VCSA meeting in Manchester, in their early beginnings….. I was really worried at the time, because Malcolm Blackman was attending, aka Joe Public, with a famous rotten history, like so many other zeroes pretending to be heroes, like Ben Fellows, Chris the Spiv, John the Prat, Jake the pleb, Opdeatheaters across the world, really toruturing many survivors, wrecking groups, threatening, blackmailing whilst bumping up numbers for scammers, hoaxers and grooming victims for them, in other words…… shills in the most original sense of the word.

We are a peer support group for adult survivors of child sexual abuse our founder is Daniel Wolstencroft who is on the National Enquiry Independent panel . Our Ambassador is ITV’S Jenny Powell.


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