Memo to Janine Rennie but with an addendum.

Quite honestly, if Janine doesn’t renounce, denounce and deny the FSF creeps access to CSA victims/survivors soon, like today ! And also allow rederess, whatever that would be/mean, then she needs to step back, at least or down.  Janine, please though share your knowledge for the sake of all.  Please do that, whatever happens next.

Were you, like others, groomed ? fooled ? sucked in ?  I was.  My way of redressing that is to help expose them, you could too.  Sheva

via Memo to Janine Rennie: Should Cat Scot be allowed near CSA survivors?

Catriona Selvester uses various fake accounts, all the better to spread her venom with, as a partner/director of Fresh Start Foundation, this is shocking.  That it is enabled and allowed and joined in with by you, Janine…… well, I hope it tumbles so that better run services can flourish, instead.

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