Fresh Start Foundation & HopeGirl #QEGScam mock CSASurvivors some more

Cat Scot (FSF Director: Catriona Selvester aka WildCat, Cat Sidh, calamiTcat, spidercatwebblog) with her vile posts smearing as many strong, vocal survivors that expose her disgusting abuse as she can:

HopeGirl in one of her many fake names and accounts shows even more clear evidence of collusion with the Hampstead & Hollie Hoax promoters.

So called christian Tribal Diva wellknown QEG Scammer (HopeGirl) shows herself up, loving to mock a CSASurvivor,  the fave pastime of paedos and their supporters/protectors/apologists:   HopeGirl, aka Naima Dawn Feagin aka Naima Morris aka Hope Moore of Morocco (where the two children were tortured and OPPT operators lived and other quack therapists)….  previously HopeGirl aka Tribal Diva appeared on  CCN with  Hampstead Hoax chief early promoter Melani Vermay or Mel Ve, later  HopeGirl can be seen partnering Angela Power Disney…… and she was previously partner of Ray Savage, the bent ex cop who aided child abusers Abe Christie and Ella Draper and chief hoax organisor Belinda McKenzie of Highgate.  Coincidentally, Ray Savage hosted the QEG Scam UK launch in 2015.


As Doazic rightly says, people have the right to know the past history of HopeGirl and the QEG which has never worked and never will, yet still she sells it, which is fraudulent behaviour.  I have been reporting her videos and encouraging others to, with good reason, to protect gullible or vulnerable people from her scamming lies…. She, on the other hand is being purely spiteful and malicious, plus aiding Satanic Panic mongers who she helps because they help real child abusers get off.

HopeGirl appeared with Angela Power Disney and prayed for David Shurter (self confessed baby rapist/murderer) & supports the person behind this spate of similar attacks on survivors downunder, 2yrs ago :

She loves Hollie hoaxer Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy tho (a vile abuser of innocent women & fellow Anti CSA campaigners/survivors/victims) who works closely with Cat Scot/WildCat.:

I’ve reported the videos, sneaky scammer Naima Dawn Feagin has used a throw away channel for her dirty tricks campaign, but as she is also using another fake name naima morris to take down channels, maybe YouTube will catch on, if not, I’m certain that investigators will take a keen int, erest.

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