Belinda addresses Democrats & Veterans Party conference

More re branding after Fresh Start Foundation fails, ITNJ fails, Red Phill pillsout and everyone realises that Eddieisnotok and can see those still attempting to raise the false satanic panic flags, here we have Beinda McKenzie sneaking in to show her allegience so that others will follow suit, she hopes…………..  Belinda Muckenzie as I call her was at the heart of the hijack in 2010 of the rally meant to re create the amazing effect of the early 93 & 4 ones……………..  More to come of the whole history and to show that all of the main speakers have proven to be working in ways that cause more harm than good :


David Icke, Brian Gerrish (UK Column & Fresh Start Foundation), Robert Green liar and whom Belinda is proven to still be lying about……. click the link below; for the video and information……… All those still speaking of the hollie case, even now,  as if it wasn’t embellished, hoaxed up and that she wasn’t the perfect dumb victim to be paraded on all the truther channels and check out each one that did that and still have them up and even now have recently promoted Robert Green.

Chris Wittwer even has lately shown himself to accuse and attack with hunting gangs innocent people because they have questioned the amount of money his site makes and the truth of what he does……………

Bill Maloney who led a merry dance even to mainstream press and MPs…………………….

There are growing examples of evidence and more people adding information to stay the wake of this horrific abuse of genuine victims and sabotage of genuine inquiries or moves towards better child protection……………… with people like Brenda McNamara, Angela Power Disney as only two examples of those making money and spending it on themselves and improving their tans, lifestyle and topping up  their incomes/benefits, with a little help from friends like HopeGirl QEG Scam, WildCat ex director of FSF, GGT and many other ex hollie hoaxers with alot of sock accounts and the networks built that encourage others to follow their lead and example, mass promoting chosen sites, whilst mass attacking/reporting, maliciously, any exposing them…………… Take a look at the recent promotion of Jon Wedger, given that he has worked with Bill Maloney since seeing him at the 2010 rally……………… ????  even though he didn’t retire till last october.

Flo Destroyer YouTube videos are newly available and worth a listen to begin catching up, or keep up to date, to…………… With the legendary El Coyote and others who’ve been either watching the scammers or reporting on them, too

Hoaxtead Research has a new facebook page and for updates on court cases involving some of the Hampstead hoaxers,  like and share.  Sheva.

via Belinda addresses Democrats & Veterans Party conference

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