Wedged Scripts?

An excellent, well thought out article. I can only add what Jon Wedger said during an interview last year, which shocked me…… That he had seen Bill Maloney at the 2010 anti child abuse rally (hijacked by David Icke, Bill Maloney, Belinda McKenzie, Robert Green) and told his boss at the Met, saying ‘We need to help this guy’, to which he said his boss agreed. Until then I had no idea that Jon Wedger had been involved with such grifters, hoaxers helping to damage the cause of genuine survivors of Child Sexual Abuse.
His language about groomed victims is indeed apalling and belies his claims to be a helpful person for anyone to turn to.

Spin vs Truth

In previous articles, I’ve highlighted some of the funding and association issues surrounding ex-police officer and alleged whistleblower Jon Wedger.

In this article, I’m going to focus on two specific speeches/presentations Wedger gave.

The first of which, a presentation to the unofficial “ITNJ” (INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL FOR NATURAL JUSTICE) is documented/transcribed in this:

An archived version of the above can be found at :

The second of which is a filmed presentation Wedger gave to an “Alternative View” (aka conspiracy theorists) convention (AV9).


Both speeches were given in 2018.

The AV9 presentation makes it very clear that Wedger had been part of the “Alternative View” brigade for some time and his involvement with such is part of a long running pattern of his other associations with the likes of UK Column, Bill Maloney and Fresh Start Foundation. All of whom have some various conspiracy theory views on…

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