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The Real Fresh Start Foundation offers a real alternative for those CSA/CSE victims/survivors who’ve felt manipulated and exploited by the swarms of “fake helpers” online.

Just because someone says they are an “activist” or a “whistleblower” doesn’t make them one, and we’ve found far too many who are really wolves in sheep’s clothing. This blog will give us all a place to counter the false narratives and build a movement for ourselves, by sharing our strengths and resources.


A short introduction video to share easily and spread the word:


8 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi Sheva, congratulations on getting this blog up and running.I have subscribed (under my real name) and look forward to updates. If anything comes along that I feel I might be able to contribute to, I will be glad to do so.

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  2. The 1st June was a day to remember Bryan Davies principal of Eirianfa Hal, was sentence to twenty two years in prison.


    I was a upset to find out one of his victims had sadly taken his life and never got any justice. I could actually see the cloud lifted of some of the victims faces when they left the court room. I could also see the hurt and pain that was caused by this beast when his horrific crimes was read out in court. Although four of us never got justice we was relieved to know that he was behind bars and would never be inflicting such pain on another child ever again. I’d like to thank operation palial who gave us so much support before and during the trial. Also the judge Huw Rees who summed Bryan Davies up to how he was and the damaged he had done to us all he was very professional.
    It was also a good day to meet some of the men after forty years unfortunately it was under the wrong circumstances. It was sad to see some was still suffering and had let there selfs go and was still in a terrible state I’m sure we will all sleep a lot happier at night knowing this vile beast is not at large no more and can move on with our life’s a little bit easier.

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  3. I don’t no were to go from here I was thinking of a private prosecution against him. Biut that may take years again.his only going to get two years max more on his sentence. at the end of the day is it worh it his never going to get out of prison. Is it worth going through it all again. I’ve got my justice watching him be put down for twenty two years. I’m not putting myself through it all again I got more important things to deal with in my life now. I would much rather concentrate on helping other survivors and and raising awareness. His never going to be released so I’m happy justice has been served in my eyes. Time to move on now I can sleep a lot easier knowing his never getting out and he will never ever do this again to another child.

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    1. That sounds healthy and the option I would choose, Lee….. he cannot harm another child, and that is the most important thing…….damn right and what more can be done, that would help anyone, especially as you say, why put yourself through more, I know how costly on so many levels taking action can be, and I do though think your testimony would be helpful to the Truth Project, if you can present it to them, maybe give that some more thought, but you’ve just completed a marathon, I’ve been amazed at your strength.

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