CSASurvivors & Genuine Advocates Are Glad Scambine Jailed

Relentless  though isn’t she and the horrible hoaxers & the manic satanic panic preachers.  Anyone defending her or her friends are suspect and dangerous to CSA Survivors and our inquiries/investigations.

Please check your friends lists and groups on Facebook.  Any Hollie hoax or Hampstead Hoax supporters are dong great harm to people and have for years, they need exposing, and stopping.

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#FSF bullies revictimise CSASurvivors, sadistically, wearing people down

It’s time a little update. The award for the shittest troll ever goes to the troll to whom I refer to below. Each time you attempt to post a comment to my blog….WordPress logs your IP 🙂 Enjoy that thought. Happy fricking Easter. Do you know what. It’s time for a rant. Until taking to […]

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Some of our younger supporters lol activism(noun)A policy of taking direct and militant action to achieve a political or social goal #CSAreview #CHANGE #sundaymotivation #SundayThoughts pic.twitter.com/iPtExtpcKf — Shatter Boy UK (@Shatter_Boys_UK) April 8, 2018 Yay more support for the petition please take a look at this blog thanks https://j4mb.org.uk/2018/01/31/establish-an-independent-board-that-investigates-complaints-against-the-police/ Please read the petition […]

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We recommend Hoaxtead Research for an award by Sheva a Survivor Still

A typical conversation when attempting to educate a pedogator and help gullible people extricate themselves, from their control and maybe help their victims find a place to voice their experience of being abused, used, maybe groomed, scammed…… Fresh Start Foundation types, QEG Scmmers, Free Energy, GetOutOfDebtFree conmen, Hunting Paedos, Freeman entrappers, Sovereign enablers, PIE n mashed by Baloney Mill and Inspired By Sicke David Oike, encouraged by Garish UK Column.   Q IS DEAD ! QEG going down, OpDeatheaters arrested, charged and wriggling with fmotl lies, Angela Power Disney still pushing the broken bandwagon, Neelu, Tracey, FSF, ……. anyone obviously involved like Richie Allen, AFR hosts, all dodgy as fck !  All going on the dangerous list. with details & links to evidence, as this blog build in quick snippets to inform and educate, as people are waking up all over social media and Admins are informing their groups……..  Well done Lee Anthony Jesson, in Unite As One Group and Danny of Shatterboys UK….  for so doing…….

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Author a post & include links to your work

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Good idea ?


We’re keen to hear from victims of Fresh Start Foundation or any other self proclaimed Hero4Kids or Org.

Please use the contact form if you would like to tell us what happened to you, in confidence and indicate whether you would be happy to give evidence in any future investigation, or not.

If you wish to author a post, anonymously, if preferred, though we must know your real identity.

If you would like to devote some time and help this blog by assisting with Admin type stuff, helping creatively or with collating evidence and simple diagrams to help warn people and for investigators to see patterns of behaviour.

We will soon be creating some pages to help victims/survivors of CSA to find their way towards genuine groups/campaigns/support/justice and to help people form groups/teams to challenge those with the power to create changes

Click here for:   .Fresh Start Foundation info & warnings Continue reading “We’re keen to hear from victims of Fresh Start Foundation or any other self proclaimed Hero4Kids or Org.”