What’s that coyote doing here?

Many thanks to Sheva for starting this blog. I think it’ll be a great tool for survivors of sexual abuse and those who support them.

You might know me as the main writer for the blog Hoaxtead Research, where we’ve been fighting against the Hampstead “Satanic ritual abuse” hoax started by Sabine McNeill, Ella Gareeva Draper, Abraham Christie, and Belinda McKenzie.

The thing is, false allegations like the Hampstead hoax not only drain resources and much-needed attention from true survivors, but they help to create a climate in which survivors are less likely to be believed when they ask for help.

I believe very strongly that fighting CSA at all levels—personal, societal, legal, legislative—can only be accomplished when we are able to weed out the baddies who pollute the landscape with lies. Survivors need to be able to ask for what they need without fearing that someone will think they are making things up, or worrying that they’ll be compared to some of the hoaxers out there.

I have great hopes for this new blog. I think it offers a chance to share resources, thoughts, and ideas; to plan effective action; and to identify those who appear to want to help, but who really have other interests at heart.

May this blog be a light in the darkness.