Wedger displays profound ignorance of ‘indigenous Satanism’

Please read and share widely. Excellent and very timely as more ManicSatanicPanicPreachers appear to extend the myths and fallacies online, whilst recently IICSA made some real inroads with their most recent investigation based on real testimonies.


…Aaaaaaaaand we’re back!

After a refreshing and enjoyable trip to the seaside, EC is back at his desk, sorting through incoming emails and catching up on the latest Hoaxtead mobster tomfoolery.

Barring Neelu’s recent eviction, probably the biggest story this month has been the re-emergence and subsequent disappearance of Bill Maloney, who along with ex-Met police officer turned troofer-mouthpiece Jon Wedger, managed to stir up a hornet’s nest with Brian Harvey…but that debacle is probably worth a post in itself.

‘Indigenous Satanism’? Seriously?

Instead, today we’re going to take a look at one of Mr Wedger’s more egregiously stupid remarks, delivered in his trademark wide-eyed-puppy style during this interview with Redpill Phil:

Wedger: The more I get involved, the more I see there is a religious organised connotation to this. The Devil’s greatest triumph is no one believes in him. We are headed towards an atheistic society, so if…

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Fresh Start Foundation supports criminals :Robert Green, like Hamphoaxer general, admitted guilt ! but still lies !

FSF links to CSA & Family Justice groups Blacklist P1

CSA & Family Justice Groups BlackListed Pt2

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The links above and contained in this post, give evidence of everything I have stated and been stating for years. Sheva Burton.

There cannot be a single reason for ex cop Jon Wedger to excuse the behaviour and support the likes of Bill Maloney, who ramped up the stories spun already by David Icke and Kevin Annett of Royal Family involvement in ridiculous ways, also the Leon Britten tatoos, which come into play if you listen to those talking at Fresh Farts or Old Farts, morelike meetings……’ll hear the same names, themes and spin, by each speaker to varying degrees.  Bill, who colluded with Ben Fellows (false accusation Ken Clarke), Chris Fay (boiler room scams), groomed ‘Nick’, whilst monkeying up the fake ‘Elms Guest House List’ and also the naypic report, which caused untold misery to some of the victims, as most sites didn’t even redact the names.

One survivor traumatised just because SHE knew it was her, by the initials, on Join The Dots post with the list….  which I very much regretted doing, as well as with Mel Ves apparant genuine wish to help, by exposing the Hollie case as a hoax and also Ben Emlyn Jones, Heidi (5am death threat girl), all regulars at Belinda McKenzie, Miles Johnston and any alternative type event, or protest…… Mel Ve, supporting Kevin Annett and then Toos…meant that I, against my gut feeling carried on supporting him, and also I helped to viralise the toos tape……funny isn’t it, that they all helped me to do that, as well as Ian McFerrans (right hand man of Robert Green) girlfriends case regarding social services……  both those videos and alot of other stuff I posted, was sent everywhere by them….but at the same time, it meant that I had signposted them to good groups across the world, that I had out reached to, so that the world was watching 2010, to turn away with disgust, disappointment and me feeling like I’d let everyone down……  to then be banned, ostracised and hounded, made to feel like a leper…just what any survivor would find triggering/challenging/difficult and I freely admit to falling apart, quite a few times, then and since……..For years, I did little but post some news and spent my time within closed, safe groups, still conversing with real survivors…………until Hampstead Hoax was on the cards…..and then erupted.

Anyway, after I attended the Hollie hoax meeting, I was completely sure not just by listening to the excellent, succinct evidence presentation, listening to the innocent women and talking with others later in the pub…… but also by Belindas threats, massive amounts of emails to everyone, saying that the whole meeting would be surrounded because anyone even thinking of attending would be a satanic paedophile protector, the police would be called and so on, the attitude of her cohorts and minions that showed up, hostility, rudeness, then Sabine standing right at the back screamed,,,,,something like, what do you expect ! for her to have tatoos of the names of her abusers on her vagina !!!!   in those loud Screams that anyone hearing Sabine would know…… much like she did with her ineffective screeching in the EU Parliament, which they all laud her for doing, but was completely fruitless, like every case she has touched…and it’s not the system to blame, but them….many people DO get their children back, by getting help, admitting their problems and being honest…..and NOT plastering it all over the net, or their facebook …..

So after I had interviewed with MelVe the day of the 2012 rally, which was essentially the hollie rally, (Louise Clarke was also on, and we have remained in touch, tho I agree with nothing that she believes about mind control etc,), so I was watching that and talk about it a bit, I didn’t even hear much of what Lou said…lol…but we were chatting a while ago and she asked if she could record, it was an effort, but I managed to describe what had happened to the survivors via Fiona Barnett & co….. but I did also write it up, with the links to recordings of death threats, which the pedohunter admits to being part of OpDeatheaters, blackmailing people and mentions that because Fiona & David Shurter had named 3 people, he KNEW they were, bla bla protecting pedos…..  thing is, I had known John Brown, and those named for years, since I was first online  2008/9…… so I contacted them all to find out what was going on, witnessed the attempts to over run, spam or get groups reported, I watched them put negative spins on any positive news regarding the Royal Commission, and also try and nick money from the Ballarat Survivors who were being funded to go to Rome, via Tim Minchins fundraiser.

Since the Hampstead case erupted, as I tried my hardest to let the police know it would…..right at the start……..well because as I could, I became more open and exposing of them, thankfully, Hoaxtead Research had been begun and was skillfully putting together the evidence, that I could use to back up things, I had suspected, thought, or known for years with a growing recognition, as I really began to look at them…….

Hoaxtead Research has a number of posts regarding Hollie Hoax….  Those innocent people have been left alone for some time, as they all focussed on what they thought was THE case to get them what they wanted, but they are now falling back to it and also attempting to resurrect people long exposed………..proven to be liars, frauds, criminals or scammers and certainly it is proven that many convicted child molesters are defended by them, too.

Robert Green has a lifetime ban. I cannot respect anyone ex cop or not, who helps him to restart venoumous viral hatred online aimed at innocent people in either hoax case……

sexing up the hollie hoax precursor to hampstead conspiracy

Keep Up-to-date: Fresh Start Foundation: Directors Dance

Old Fresh Start Threaten Sheva Then Back Off; HopeGirl proves her involvment  In previous posts…Their danger becoming ever more obvious….comments have lots of updates to on various clingons some from oldtime holliehoaxers.


via Fresh Start Foundation buries the evidence

Memo to Janine Rennie but with an addendum.

Quite honestly, if Janine doesn’t renounce, denounce and deny the FSF creeps access to CSA victims/survivors soon, like today ! And also allow rederess, whatever that would be/mean, then she needs to step back, at least or down.  Janine, please though share your knowledge for the sake of all.  Please do that, whatever happens next.

Were you, like others, groomed ? fooled ? sucked in ?  I was.  My way of redressing that is to help expose them, you could too.  Sheva

via Memo to Janine Rennie: Should Cat Scot be allowed near CSA survivors?

Catriona Selvester uses various fake accounts, all the better to spread her venom with, as a partner/director of Fresh Start Foundation, this is shocking.  That it is enabled and allowed and joined in with by you, Janine…… well, I hope it tumbles so that better run services can flourish, instead.

The List 84

This list confirms that indeed there is collusion gone on, ongoing and set to continue,  I think.  It might not, it might be Neelus christmas card list, but very handy for people.  Thanks Ved, very much.  See below for video evidence and links to their various shenanigans including engaging with antic CSA events UK.




Link to: Doazic YouTube channel. Many Fmotl/sovcits debunked & HopeGirl QEG/free energy scams

Belindas swansong, again reveals another list in her comments as she & they arrogantly show allegience. Thanks again El Coyote !

And a superb narrative joining so many dots and nailing so many to their own petards, for hanging now………  no mercy for them, from some of us.  CW covers so much ground, @1hr 30 + a shoutout to Hoaxtead Research & spot on with pizzagate and the dangers, motivations and more information re: Bases, Montauk Project, early part covers some participants in ITNJ, Project Camelot, fakes, lies, shifting, name changes, rebranding, all the things, we’ve been noticing, but CW has been watching for along time.  Narrates it so well…..  I am so grateful to have found him…..  I owe thanks to Angela Power Disney 🙂


Reminder as some old faeces keep on hoaxing…

Did I say faeces instead of faces ?….. my bad.  But it fits !

via Connect downunder Fiona Barnett & David Shurter ~HampHempHawkers reach, smears

I will also remind people that Joe Public aka Malcolm Blackman is not someone who many would trust…  Is he still hanging round anti csa events ?  Any group allowing him to be involved; needs to address their lack of due dilligence….. if so.

Who supports these revolting people ?  Sharter & Barnyard.  Seriously, anyone carrying their links, give a wide berth.

Like Richie Allen (who also interviewed Sabine McNeill to help kickstart the vile Hoax of Hampstead.