Dangerous beware & warn

      Screenshot-2018-5-12 Fresh Start Foundation worried about Hoaxtead Research (7)

  Hamphoaxers Evidence Files Screenshot-2018-5-14 Twat_Galleries png (PNG Image, 944 × 369 pixels)


Screenshot-2018-5-12 Screenshot_7754 png (PNG Image, 1037 × 652 pixels) - Scaled (96%)
Heather Brown aka Suzy Jones aka Prudence Halliwell aka Grace Jones and others has lied on YouTube with Angela Power Disney

Angela Power Disney & Heather Brown Gossiping Crones Video

Heather Brown: File of Vile Bile

Angela Power Disney: File of Lies & Gossip

It didn’t take Heather Brown long to show up as Prudence Halliwell under the video: blocked & reported.  She like all paedos & their enablers, loves to humiliate, mock, taunt & sneer at genuine victims/survivors of abuse….. as they simultaneously promote liars, fantasists and frauds, like Angela Power Disney, who interfered with Wiltshires Conifer Inquiry, with Miles Johnston aiding.  Heather has allegedly also complained re: Ted Heath……  seems like the satanic hoaxers made a bee line for Wiltshire ?

Screenshot-2018-5-15 Heather Brown smears Sheva Burton - YouTube

Screenshot-2018-5-18 HOAXTEAD RESEARCH ‹ Reader — WordPress com(1)

Not sure what Heather Brown refers to, in the above comment.  She certainly has not been either stalked, nor called a paedophile….. If it’s the involvement with Operation Conifer, Heather went into detail about it on a recording with Angela Power Disney, on YouTube, publically available.  Perhaps Heather forgot about this ?

Screenshot-2018-5-18 ANGELA´S CACHES #pizzagate Ireland UK explosive HEATHER ANGIE Part 3 3 - YouTube

 Arthur Kaotal goes under other names  & is one of Angela Power Disneys attack dogs, vile as Heather Brown & altho only recently released from a long stay in mental hospital, is just straight back to his old tricks….. no doubt encouraged by those whose purposes he serves…..  So Arthur, no I do not want to be your friend, nor have you able to go through my friends list and attack people or shaaat really loud as you puff on your fat cigar and belch……  Angie knows all the best possible people, lol……   Anyway there are files on this guy and many oother perps collated by Hoaxtead Reasearch.

Click here for quick info:  Angies Arfur really vile language, grossScreenshot-2018-5-12 Warren Bobby Stone

Arthur Kaoutal: File of Frenzy & Fear

Screenshot-2018-5-15 Matt Taylor hits the ‘mute_ button(1)

All of the tagged names are involved in spreading hatred, threats and abuse, harrassment to people online and also those who work within services and authorities.

John Patersons Annual Death Threat Extravaganza

Matt Taylor Hits The Mute Button (plus info re: Andy Devine









Beneath the above video in comments, I have posted some of the backstory of some of the people adding some spurious lies and reasons for them.  I rebuke and refute them.

3 thoughts on “Dangerous beware & warn

  1. I am interested in any information you might have re Heather Brown ,Prudence Halliwell ,Grace Jones as the links on this article aren’t working .The YouTube link leads to a closed account . Thankyou .


    1. Apologies for the overlong delay. I havn’t checked in for a while. Illness & other issues. My YouTube was maliciously copyright struck by HopeGirl who gloated about that alot. But I have a new one. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd8jwkLEDpTSHPzC9gM8OGQ?
      I don’t have any personal details re Heather aka Pru. She appeared on quite a few videos with Angela Power Disney & did speak quite alot about herself, you can find them still on Angela Power Disneys YouTube channel going back to spring 2017, I think.


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