Wedger’s ‘Foxy’ story: Not the cover-up he claims

via Wedger’s ‘Foxy’ story: Not the cover-up he claims

Please click the above link, read & check the comments and share widely, this matters alot.  Given that he was involved with the Chris Fay fake output that was mentioned earlier in the ongoing Westiminster IICSA inquiry, there must surely now be some way to stop these fake whistleblowers made easier.

Fay & Maloney: Lies versus reality

via Fay & Maloney: Lies versus reality

The amount of money, resources, energy diverted by Chris Fay, Bill Maloney and many others, may never be fully measured.  The inquiry is now unravelling the lies told, viralised online by connected groups and internet hosts.  In the planning stages of the inquiry, Bill, Belinda McKenzie and others pushing the Satanic agenda attempted to infiltrate and steer, putting pressure on many with their email campaigns.

Glcik the link to read & subscribe to Hoaxtead Research for updates on all developments regarding the pepetuators of SRA & CSA/CSE hoaxes.   Many commenters focus on different aspects or groups who are watched, evidence collated and many a joke cracked as we try to rake the fakes out of the child protection arena.