Hoaxtead Research: It’s good to be loathed

via Hoaxtead Research: It’s good to be loathed

Truth is, we are all loved more as the getting near 2million views shows.  I thank goodness of the Hoaxtead Researchers like Nicke Nolte did in that film with Barbara Streisand; ‘The Prince Of Tides’ :


My ex took me to see that & then disclosed. fully.  By then we’d been married over a decade, I only had been told a tiny amount even though I was already open & seeking justice n help.  So the ghouls mocking a previous name that I used to have are truly attempting more harm than just me, luckily it is a very common name.

This was a themesong for me and I used to dance & use it to practice my coice 1995ish. She is brilliant for practicing extending vocal reach and breath, beadth, depth of voice I found.