Support & Inquiries Info

We support the public CSAInquiries & want to help them be the best possible for children & CSASurvivors & Also All Abuse Survivors of institutions & domestic settings

We support and encourage people to make these inquiries the best they can be, so that children are safer and swift changes are made, where possible, attitudes change that have allowed for the dismal failures in the past and so that victims/survivors recieve better support & treatment across all services & achieve Justice where possible with more ease.

We support the #purpledates campaign.

Our Purple ribbon was launched in Company Magazine 1993, the year of the first UK Public Rally Against CSA & from then, September became a month of action with purple colour as the theme.

Screenshot-2018-5-12 InquiryCSA (IICSA) ( InquiryCSA) Twitter

Click for Child Abuse Inquiry Scotland Website

Screenshot-2018-5-12 Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry — Home Page(1)

Screenshot-2018-5-12 Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry — Home Page.png

Click for IICSA Uk Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry Website

Screenshot-2018-5-12 InquiryCSA (IICSA) ( InquiryCSA) Twitter(2)

Click for Truth Project Website (Collecting testimonies with support)

Screenshot-2018-5-12 InquiryCSA (IICSA) ( InquiryCSA) Twitter(1)


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