HopeGirls dirty tricks to censor critics


I’m hoping that The Real Fresh Start Foundation can be a vehicle to help creators of effective change.
As the wheels fall of bandwagon and it veers off from social media viralisation, to isolation…..then I hope to be part of a stronger forward movement.
Not least too, is the need to address false accusers……. So much to do, but this blog  Hoaxtead Research:  The Real Fresh Start for survivors – finding the red flags  already has much information and the evidence files collated too……

The comments under the a video below; ‘HopeGirl still trying to censor critics’,  are worth a read.  By the way, I’ve had 2 malicious copyright strikes, on mirrored from the Mighty (mia) MKDs videos (HopeGirl maliciously struck them, so many times).

Mine were listed under ‘creative commons’, and included parts of her videos speaking with Angela Power Disney and proof of her scamming and links to Ray Savage, Morocco, OPPT, Sasha Stone from 2014 plus her time on CCN with Mel Ve and Angela Power Disney and a few others from either Sov Cit/fmotl people and a few from Miles Johnstons circus and the clear links between Hollie & Hampstead/Annett hoaxers and her links to sadistic trolls and clickalotty promoters who attack or adore upon orders to strike, in tandem with saboteurs of CSA Survivors and viralising of vile false flaggers like fiona barnyard and her revolting boasting of child murders, rape and beatings mate Dirty D..

(Since writing, HopeGirl managed to have my 9yr old channel Sheva Burton terminated with copyright strikes.  Simply for exposing her con and collusion with those perpetuating satanic ritual abuse myths which have caused much harm to innocent victims accused falsely and also to genuine CSA Survivors who they have joined up to attack and discredit.   She, Cat Scot (Catriona Selvester, Director of Fresh Start Foundation), Angela Power Disney have all gloated about the demise of my channel and the destruction of many videos shared that were good resources for victims/survivors …… well done them !  What hypocrites !  But it has helped to prove that they are really against real investigations, inquiries and CSA Survivors.)

Also Doazic, like, Sheva and most of the commentators on Hoaxtead Research are listed on the stoopid Hoaxtead Exposed Blog…..lol.  Which really shows their hand and despotic ideas…….  And it is featured on Fresh Start Foundations, site…… along with Janine Rennie pretending that Hoaxtead Research are against all cases….. lying and promoting a site that is nothing but defamation and attempts to cover up for scammers……liars and fraudsters….???

We are here to expose and stop them.   Please help, if you are able to.

HoaxGirl: Naima Dawn Feagin #QEGScam is desperate to silence her critics:

via Fake Christian Faking ‘evidence’ for ‘Jesus’ aka Fraud & Corruption UK



Screenshot-2018-5-18 (1) HopeGirl still trying to censor critics of the QEG - YouTubeScreenshot-2018-5-18 (1) free energy device - YouTube

I found the above video, in a comment under Doazics video update on HopeGirl trying to privacy complaint him, on false pretences: A video by John B Alexander: free energy device, author of this and look at the list of people who recommend it: Reality Denied…… I wrote in my comment, ‘you can say that again’, lol

Screenshot-2018-5-18 Reality Denied Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can't Happen - But Did - Kindle edition by John [...]Screenshot-2018-5-18 Reality Denied Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can't Happen - But Did - Kindle edition by John [...](1)

Please report QEG videos as Spam/Misleading, then frauds/scams.

Also her Orgonite videos, a supposed cure all banned by FDA.

She has engendered troll mass attacks on channels critiqueing or exposing her and colluded with Angela Power Disney and OpDeatheaters to sabottage decent survivors & advocates, simultaneously promoting liars, hoaxers and frauds.

You can also report any crimes to ActionFraud, Internet Watch Foundation, CEOP, NCA, depending on type and scope…..  the scope of the associates of Fresh Farts as The Scott led Fresh Start Fakes is wide and devious.

We are here to expose it and help those harmed by them as much as possible.

I’m also wanting to put up a ‘Please Report’ page….. with help on how to, and lists of who to report, time stamps of reports, helpful to make it quick n easy, with a brief reasons & evidence as unlike Angie, HopeGirl, Weaselly and all the hoaxers, I am not advocating striking or reporting for the sake of anything, but to help disable crooks and charlatans, abusers and fraudsters, scammers and saboteurs of survivors inquiries/events/campaigns…..and false accusers by the same……not forgetting those crying false flag and mocking real victims of real tragedies who have co created or promoted this most vile of false flags based on false accusations…..mutually supporting/ed by the likes of fiona barnett and associates who also create and encourage false accusers.
And as with the whole project….. help, input very much appreciated, I think that the blog can generate more people reporting them, who hadn’t thought to, or realised the need as the platforms still seem to rely too much on numbers of reports to take action…..which the hoaxers use to their advantage…….. there are signs of platforms recognising and fixing things, but this lot, just find a new way to still torment their victims and promote their chosen groomed or lying ones.

Comment above from :  Relevant post & on point comments.

And this one and Janine Rennie has joined in as featured on other posts.  Janine who heads the biggest charity in Scotland for CSA Survivors to turn to ?

So this woman is on the board of a voluntary organisation that supposedly supports abuse survivors – and this is how she treats a fellow survivor? WTF?

(Yet the hoaxers would have you believe that Hoaxtead Research is anti CSA Survivors???…. they really are not, in fact, I have found a great deal of support and after 3yrs I can say, that not one statement from me to El Coyote, in confidence has ever been revealed and that other commentators have also helped me stay sane during the hate campaign and venom launched publically by Angela Power Disney, previously, mostly enacted by Belinda McKenzie & co’s cohorts).  Who have done their best to shut me the hell up ! for 9yrs now,  Sheva.

I doubt that any survivor seeing that (and Cat’s other posts and videos) would be comfortable turning to Cat for help/support. I trust that as a responsible CEO, Janine Rennie will take stern action against her for bringing Fresh Start/Wellbeing Scotland/ Open Secret/ In Care Survivors Service (or whatever they’re calling themselves today) into disrepute.



15 thoughts on “HopeGirls dirty tricks to censor critics

    1. HopeGirl, nothing I have posted is harrassment, I have said nothing about your family and because everything is evidenced as true; slander does not apply. Alternatively, you have appeared on YouTube with Angela Power Disney who has done exactly those things with Heather Brown, to me. Your close ally; Angela Power Disney or Angie has also made false accusations about me and encouraged other friends of hers to threaten, harrass and defame me: Wesley Hall, John Paterson to name just 2 others……
      PLUS: Angela Power Disney, like all promoting the CSA HG or Hamp/hemp hoax, encourage dreadful abuse of two children, (who went through 4 weeks of torture in Morocco), by violating their right to privacy while she defends Abe Christie who abused and tortured them in Morocco, as Judge Pauffley stated: https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/evidence/court-hearing-report/ https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/evidence/court-order-february-2015/ (I suggest that you read the actual evidence). The screenshot below is from: https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/evidence/court-hearing-report/
      AND The disgusting way Angie lies and says that everyone on Hoaxtead Research, even just commentators are RD and the tall tales she has spun to fool people about the hampstead hoax which you validate by your behaviour when vlogging with her and also previously on CCN with MelVe..

      You have also labelled everyone refuting the case, as satanic, (provoking religious hatred) evil, terrorists because along the way your QEG scam became obvious and to protect people, like Doazic says very clearly, I and others think that people deserve to be informed.. There are some excellent comments here, regarding you: https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/2018/05/21/why-are-the-bunk-peddlars-so-excited


      1. Yep – and I see she’s sucking up to Angie and Devine too, both of whom she can’t stand. I think that’s called desperation. Anything to gain the attention of potential gullible punters who’ll buy her fake perpetual motion machines and magic crystals!


  1. So although HopeGirl has been up to dirty tricks for years, blocks comments so that no one can see the truth when it’s written to her, she thinks it’s ok to come to this new blog and crow about taking down my channel, for copyright, not happening HoaxGirl ! Go and make another video that hardly anyone will watch…… Try and find a product to sell that works, then you might build some integrity points.
    How christian of you, when all I’ve done is present you and your own words and deeds…….. Angela Power Disney was crying that I’d taken her videos down, some of yours have gone too…. YouTube and others take scams very seriously, once alerted…… It does take time, so many scummy fraudsters and hoaxers abusing peoples trust, out there…. but your turn will come.
    For now, I’m happy that you can’t stand the exposure, it proves you have more to hide than perhaps some realise, especially about Morocco 2014……. Is that the sore point ? You have published and talked about everything already, publically, the fact that Ray Savage was in Morocco before the children lied having been tortured in that same country….is not a secret and is very suspicious, given that he played an important part in the beginnings of the hoax being viralised…. Angie wants full investigation, well so do the people at Hoaxtead Research and I’m sure so do the innocent people harrassed, really harrassed, in extremis…… How dare you and Angie, Heather complain about being stalked, when it is yous that are watching every move I make, every post, comment and trying desperately to stave off your downfall. So I have a perfect right to wonder about what really went on in Morocco and how many rotten crooked conspiritards planned the whole hoax.
    A fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner.
    HopeGirl/Tribal Diva, I know that you do not wish for people to be educated about the scam that has kept you able to live off the money fleeced from gullible people, but I wonder how a US court will decide the matter.
    A Judge will probably take a very dim view of your history, that’s if you are prepared for your records to be open to a court.
    Slander needs to be untrue; oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed. I suggest you remind your pal, Angela Power Disney of it, but, I doubt you will, given that you help her out and even made the exposed blog for your mates.
    The videos merely show the involvement that you have had from the inception of the Hampstead hoax, with those who organised it, and meant to gain donations and create an aura/illusion that instead of being scammers, they were child protectors. Weird how it started after you’d been at a Sasha Stone event and recently he had planned to help people break the law even more than they have already, by giving a platform for people to keep the hoax going, no matter how many children are harmed by it or innocent people.
    Wasn’t it you who called people terrorists ? Simply for refuting the hoax ?
    It really is a hobby of the hoaxers; they love to try and humiliate CSA Survivors/victims….And you have joined in.
    This blog is here to create a space for people to bring forward their experiences……. I guess the well connected lot of people who still want to try and abuse those two children and their innocent father, are a bit worried…… They need false accusers to keep their most vile of vile false flags flying.


  2. Have you not noticed HopeGirl/Tribal Diva how often your friend Angela Power Disney has lied and encouraged Heather Brown aka Suzy Jones aka Prudence Halliwell to harrass, threaten, slander and bully me ? This blog is here, because I’m not alone, quite a few people are now joining up and talking, sharing experiences and alerting their groups. Quite a few of us that are used to the dirty tricks played by those who want to silence genuine victims of CSA…. we’re concerned that many more people have been abused, used, slandered maliciously and gone silent…… that does seem to be part of the hoaxers plan.


  3. Just like Heather Brown, Hope Girl aka Hope Moore aka Naima Dawn Feagin aka Tribal Diva attacks people exposing the hampstead hoax, pretends to have nothing to do with it, but defends the likes of Angela Power Disney who hasn’t stopped with her hate campaign against me and other commentators or Admins of Hoaxtead Research…… Nor the innocent father and the two children whose privacy was thrown to the wind by the ghouls and foul fraudsters who know it’s a hoax and continue with promoting it.
    HopeGirl recommends orgonite as a cure all and it is banned by the FDA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orgone: Ultimately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) obtained a federal injunction barring the interstate distribution of orgone-related materials, on the grounds that Reich and his associates were making false and misleading claims, and later jailed Reich and destroyed all orgone-related materials at the institute after Reich violated the injunction.[9] Reich rescinded the claim that accumulator could provide orgastic potency,[14] but this was not enough to stop the action.
    There’s alot more info on the link….
    Orgonite is also used in energy work….. sexual energy healing work…. yeah just what CSASurvivors need, eh ? Wolves prowling round anti child abuse events to feed victims to the quack therapists awaiting.


  4. In a word “OWNED” you just got ya ass handed to ya Hope Girl and nothing less that you deserve for all your lies and bull shit conning people amongst other things.

    Now if you want to take Sheva on then you can also take on me and MY legal team. Here is a warning to you, you cease and desist before you are taught a legal lesson that you will never forget because international warrants are exactly that INTERNATIONAL and I have being watching you and you buddy Angie “Fag Ashe Lil” for the past few years and collecting evidence.

    If anyone has legal right to sue then it is SHEVA given it is she who has been abused and lied about by your and Angela amongst others.

    Oh that’s right you think you can threatened without ramifications because you are in Morocco, WRONG, you are not immune, and Angela is even closer given she lives in Ireland.

    So my friendly advice is run away and lick your wounds because if you keep going then you and others are very very easy to trace, stop lying to people and conning them, and stop this whole SRA myth rubbish because it won’t get you anywhere in fact all its does is show you pray on weak minded and vulnerable people.

    By the way you claim to be a Christian but are giving people gem stones that apparently heal people – reminds me of witch craft that does.

    And as for Heather Brown, Prudence Halliwell (taken off Charmed a witch TV series) isn’t she a practicing Wiccan? So as Fag Ash Lil is against Witch craft (written all over her wall in the past) and she confuses Wicca and Satanism then why is she so desperate to have her on her show? Well?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are hypocrites. I have no prejudice on any grounds. I stand against hatred encouraged towards any minority group and right now, satanists, like witches and people of different beliefs or races are being tarred and targetted to help the scammers/frauds reach far into the christian evangelical and racist communities, I think.


  5. I wonder how long it is until Hope Girl or Angie or one of Their ilk start accusing me of being Ricky Dearman when I am not him.

    This could be fun because then it is deformation, slander and libel because of what they keep falsely accusing him of so will be accusing me of being him and in turn what they keep saying about him.

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    1. It is deformation of information, but it is legally defamation…… I’ve been told I have a strong case, but I seriously would rather that the most poignant victims take the lead, if they do, I’ll happily turn over what evidence I hold, if it helps, them or others effrected, especially all of the children, that needlessly suffered….are they trying amongst all the other nasty effects, to taint survivors, make people hat us ?


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